The Top Ultrasound Technician Schools

When it comes to choosing ultrasound technician schools, there are several types from which to choose. First, an individual should decide whether they are looking for a certificate program, associate degree program, or bachelor degree program. Next, they will need to decide whether they want to attend classes on campus or online.

Sanford Brown College

Sanford Brown College offers one of the best ultrasound technician schools with programs in 17 states. In order to attend this program an individual must live near one of the campuses and have a high school diploma. Sanford Brown offers bachelorís degrees in radiologic sciences and healthcare administration. The school offers associate degrees including an AAS in Cardiovascular Sonography both invasive and noninvasive, AAS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and an AAS in Cardiovascular Technology. There is also a certificate and diploma program in cardiovascular sonography available.

Argosy University

Argosy University is one of the best ultrasound technician schools available online. Argosy is located in Minnesota and currently offers on campus and online learning opportunities. Currently, Argosy University offers a masterís degree program in Health service management, a BS in Medical Technology, an AAS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, AS in Radiation therapy, and an AAS in Radiologic Technology. In order to apply for any of these programs, an individual will need to have a high school diploma or GED.

Academy of Health Care Professions

Another one of the top choices in ultrasound technician schools is the Academy of Health Care Professions. The training program offered through the academy includes courses in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pathophysiology, ultrasound physics and advanced acoustic physics. In addition, a student will learn the most appropriate patient examination techniques. Currently, the Academy of Health Care Professions offers their ultrasound technician program at their Austin, San Antonio, Houston Southwest, and Houston Northwest campuses.

Kaplan College

For residents of California, Kaplan College offers several options of ultrasound technician programs. There are certificate programs in Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography and Diagnostic Vascular Sonography, and a diploma program is offered in Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Ultrasound. These programs will take the average student around a year to complete and are currently only offered at campuses in the California area. Kaplan College also has several alternate degree options for other careers in the health care industry.

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Virginia College

Virginia College, located in Birmingham Alabama, offers an associateís degree program in the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Currently, this program is only available on campus for residents of the area. Some of the benefits of a degree through Virginia College include small class sizes, optional fast track programs, and flexible class schedules allowing individuals to work around their busy schedules. In addition, the program offers career placement assistance after graduation with a Virginia college employer guarantee.

These are only a few of the accredited ultrasound technician schools that are located throughout the United States. When choosing a program, first decide the type of degree that you want to obtain and whether classes online or on campus will suit your style the best. Then search for a program that best meets your needs.
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