Ultrasound Technician Grants and Scholarships

Paying for college is not easy for anyone. Depending on the type of program that is chosen, most college courses are very expensive. For individuals entering the field of ultrasound technology, there are ultrasound technician grants and ultrasound technician scholarships available to help pay for your educational costs.


No matter what your financial situation is, filling out a FAFSA should be your first step after deciding on an ultrasound technician program. The FAFSA offers federally funded financial aid for those individuals that qualify. This includes both grants and student loans. The most common grant awarded through the federal government is the Pell Grant, which can have a value of up to $5500 per semester. Student loans backed by the federal government offer lower interest rates and most of these types of loans will not have to be paid back until after the student graduates.


For adults who are currently working full-time, considering asking your employer about scholarship or continuing education funding. Several companies will offer their employees tuition reimbursement for attending college classes while continuing to work for the company. These programs will work in different ways, but typically an employee must pay for the class up front and pass the class in order to be reimbursed by their employer. However, for individuals who are thinking about changing careers entirely, this may not be the best option.

Ultrasound Department Professors and Financial Aid Advisors

After being accepted into an ultrasound technician training program, talk to a financial aid advisor. Most schools will have a list of all the available scholarships for their particular programs. There are scholarships that are awarded, which do not rely only on grades. In addition, the head of the ultrasound department may also know of scholarships that are available for those individuals that are pursuing a degree in the field of ultrasound technology.

Medical Sonographers Educational Foundation

One organization that offers scholarships for qualified students in the ultrasound technology field is the Medical Sonographers Educational Foundation. Requirements for these scholarships include United States citizenship and the school that you are attending must be accredited through Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. The scholarships offered through the foundation are of varying amounts depending on each individual student and their needs.

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Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship

The Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship offers up to $2500 per year for those students that qualify. To apply for this scholarship a student must have an active membership in the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Other requirements include financial need and acceptance into an approved sonography program. Students are expected to maintain a GPA of at least a 3.0 in order to be considered for this scholarship. Applications for the Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship are available online.

Taking the time to search for scholarship options can help to fund most or even all of your education. Funding your education through ultrasound technician grants and ultrasound technician scholarships is possible if the time is taken to search for the right ones.
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